Adoptive Pride

I can’t imagine the pride people must feel for their naturally-born children.  Or maybe I can.  I am often amazingly proud of my daughter.  She is truly a force of nature.  And she always surprises me.  But this summer, each Wednesday, I am proud of my puppy.  We started training classes a couple of weeks ago.  The first week, I was not proud.  For most of the time, we were the only ones there.  My friendly girl kept jumping on the teacher.  Finally another dog came.  A little Jack Russell.  Jewel wanted to play with her.  She wanted to eat Jewel’s face.  It was very loud.  It was not enjoyable.  The Jack Russell hasn’t returned.

Last week and this week, Jewel did great!  She is very food-motivated.  Something I can understand.  She sits very well and is amazing at “Watch Me.”  Today we started with loose-leash walking, sitting beside me, and greeting people.  I’m not sure how well she will do at sitting while greeting people, but we will work on it!  The only other dog there tonight was a Chow who is very shy and likes to do what she wants.  The teacher therefore used Jewel as the example dog.  I was beaming with pride.  On the way home, I was imagining my precious girl sitting nicely on command and waiting for people to pet her.  It was so impressive.  When we got home, she drank my daughter’s milk off the table and peed on the floor.  What’s that they say about pride coming before the fall?  Anyway, she’s only 5 months old and weighs 51 pounds.  And she’s very cute.

I don’t know if the DNA thing increases your pride.  I guess I never will.  But just like with the dog, every time I start to get too proud of Bel and dream about all the things she will do, she brings me back to reality to remind me that she will make those decisions and probably lots of mistakes.  Hopefully she’ll be proud of herself.  I know that I will be proud of her no matter what. And whether or not we share DNA, she’s my daughter.

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